Dental Clinic Budapest

Implantation (dental implants) is a pain-free way to regain your perfect and healthy smile. Similarly to the root of natural teeth, dental implants can be used to replace a missing tooth or missing teeth, providing stability and durability. An advantage of dental implants is that healthy teeth adjacent to the gap don’t need to be grinded down. Without implants, teeth adjacent to the gap must be grinded down in order to make replacements. With the help of dental implants, adjacent tooth need not be altered. For patients with many missing teeth and patients wearing removable prosthetics fixed dentures can be placed.

Dental implants abroad

To save on dental treatment costs patients consider looking for dental implants abroad. Budapest, Hungary ranks number one on the dental tourism top list and it well deserves the reputation. Highly professional dentists and well-trained staff make sure everything goes flawlessly. Our Dental Clinic is one of the options you should consider to cut costs and get high quality treatment. Our dental services are not only affordable but they are of high standard you would not get elsewhere.

Dental implant brands used at our Dental Clinic

During the implant procedure, we use the following dental implants:
– Neobiotec
– Ankylos