Dental Treatment Costs

The price below is only of informational nature. Please make enquires via mail or phone (+36-20-928-4493) to get a personalised treatment plan for your dental work (favourable dental implants cost, special prices for dental crowns and bridges) and save 50-60% on your local dental costs and prices.

4Digital Panorama x-ray40
5CT scan (Cone Bean)150
7Oral Surgey / Implantology
8Cortex / AB implant (10 years guarantee only on the product)500
9Alpha Bio implant (20 years guarantee only on the product)500
10Neobitec implant (20 years guarantee only on the product)600
11Straumann implant (10 years guarantee onlay on the product)900
12Sinus-Lift 400
13Artificial Bone Replacement (mac.cost/quadrat)650
14Sinus Closing 100
15Extraction 50
16Extraction (surgical)100
17Resection 100
19Periodental Surgery
20Closed Curettage (quadrat)100
21Open Curettage (tooth)50
22Dental Hygiene Treatment50-100
24Conservative Dentistry
25Composite Temporary Filling 10
26Composite Filling (1 surface) 60
27Composite Filling (2-3 surface) 80
28Cement Filling/Stump Build up 40
29Root Color Treatment / Canal (teeth can have 1-4 canals each)100-300
30Ceramic Inlay/onlay 350
31Composite Inlay/Onlay (gradia) 190
32Trepanation 50
34Restorative Dentristy
35Porcelain Crown Fused to Metal200
36Porcelain Crown Fused to Metal on implant280
37Porcelain Bridge unit fused to metal200
38Zirconium Full Porcelain Crown 350
39Zirconium Full Porcelain Crown on implant400
40Zirconium Full Porcelain Bridge unit 350
41Full Porcelain Crown 400
42Temporary Crown on Bridge unit gratis
43Crown/ Bridge Removergratis
46Denture Upper or Lower complete 400
47Cast Partial Upper or Lower complete 500
48Precision Attachment200
49Denture Rebase 60
50Adding tooth (to denture) 50
52Cosmetic Dentistry
53Teeth Whitening home kit200
54Teeth Whitening Surgical Upper or Lower300
55Medical Package 60