Dental implants

Removable Dentures

These types of dentures can always be made for 99% of patients. Removable dentures can be placed even on 2 dental implants, but the safest method to ensure their functionality is to place them on 3 or 4 implants. When a patient’s entire set of teeth is missing and removable dentures become necessary, they can be secured in a way to ensure the same stability as the one offered by fixed dentures.

Dentures can be cleaned by snapping them out of place, then after brushing, they have to be snapped back into place. Removable dentures must be removed by patients only when cleaning them.

Advantage: Good value for money; works with few implants; thick bone structure is not necessary.
Disadvantage: Must be removed every day with each cleaning; initially patients find it more difficult to get accustomed to it; in rare cases adjustment becomes necessary.

All-on four, All-on five – Implant supported dentures

After placing implants, if bone grafting is not necessary and bone density allows it, temporary fixed dentures can be placed. Permanent teeth can be constructed in nickel-free metal and porcelain or zirconium variants, designed and carved by a computer-controlled machine.

Its advantage is that it’s fixed and cannot be removed by patients, thus, being very comfortable. In case of a dental check-up, it can be removed and adjusted anytime. It can be placed on as many as 4 or 5 implants. Its disadvantage is that back molars cannot be replaced as those require the placement of more implants if there is enough bone density.

Dental implants and crowns and bridges

Nowadays, implants are a common notion in medicine and dentistry. Dental implants have gone through a tremendous progress both in structure and aesthetics.

Compared to teeth implants 20-30 years ago, today, much more beautiful dentures can be created. An aspect that hasn’t changed at all is the healing time, since human bone still has a slower healing and regeneration time, and there is a strong correlation between healing time and the durability of the implant.

Thus, if patients have the possibility to wait for the implants to fuse with the bone – as per the recommendation of the dental surgeon – and then have permanent dentures placed, the risk of implant failure can be minimised.

Our dental clinic uses the most modern technologies in existence today, thus, all planning and mouth design is made based on 3D CT (CBCT) with the help of a dental implant planning software. Patients can opt for the more traditional metal + porcelain crown or bridge, of which they can choose the nickel-free printed option, or the computer controlled machine-carved zirconium crown or bridge.

If you would like your dental implants to be placed by a professional dental team and dental surgeon, who can ensure the long-term success of this procedure, and who don’t make any compromises on quality, feel free to contact us for a price quote or give us a call. Having your natural-looking dental implants placed by our highly-trained team of dental surgeons can ensure the lifelong durability of your dental implants.