Dental Technician

The role of the dental technician is to create removable and fixed dentures. The choice of the method to restore missing teeth depends on the number of missing teeth, the location and type of missing teeth. The health of existing teeth as well as the health of the gums is also important in choosing the teeth restoration technology.

There are 3 categories of dentures

  • fixed dentures placed on existing teeth
  • removable dentures placed on the jawbone
  • dental implants placed into the jawbone

Fixed dentures can be

  • inlay, onlay: it’s much like a filling, but it’s not a filling, and it’s created by the dental technician following a dental impression (at this point there is serious decay around the tooth crown, but a crown is not necessary yet)
  • dental crown: the original barrel shaped tooth crown is grinded into a cylinder shape with parallel sides; 1-2 mm are grinded down from the chewing surfaces, then, following the dental imprint, the dental technician prepares the crown. This is then covered with porcelain or Gradia (this gives the original form to the teeth).
  • dental bridge: when tooth replacements are placed on existing teeth, roots or implants.
  • post and core: it’s used in cases when the tooth is visible in the gums and its restoration is possible with post and core

Removable dentures can be

  • partial dentures: used when patients still have some remaining teeth, but their number or distribution does not make it possible to place a fixed bridge
  • full dentures: the patient is missing all his teeth and other restoration methods are not feasible, an upper or lower prosthesis can be created
  • mixed dentures: it’s a combination between removable and fixed teeth replacements

Dental implants

Dental implants allow for a superior teeth replacement in cases where traditional tooth restoration methods do not meet chewing, speaking or aesthetic functionality. Implants fuse together with the jawbone, thus, becoming perfectly fixed in the bone. Material: titan.

If you would like your dental crowns, dentures, or pressed ceramics bridges made at a clinic where the dental technician and dentist work side-by-side, and patients can even see the technical processes involved in making their dentures, bridges and crowns, or where special requests of patients can be carried out immediately, do not hesitate to ask for a price estimate or make an appointment for a free consultation.