Oral surgery

Given the work of our excellent dental professionals, our services are chosen not only by the residents of the 15th district, but also by residents of nearby districts. Thanks to our many decades of activity, we are able to handle even the most difficult cases.

Our oral surgery services include:

  • tooth extraction, surgical tooth extraction
  • wisdom tooth removal
  • broken tooth root extraction
  • impacted tooth extraction, releasing
  • treatment of infectious diseases
  • surgical treatment of infected teeth
  • root-end resection
  • dental implications of the oral cavity
  • surgeries necessary before placing of dentures
  • periodontology surgeries
  • dental implant surgery

Oral surgery without fear

Most patients are usually overwhelmed by a sense of fear and anxiety when going to a dental clinic. In most cases, this fear goes away almost entirely during consultation because of the trust that develops between the patient and the doctor. The dental surgeons working at our dental clinic have a strong professional background looking back on many years of experience. This translates into confidence and expertise, both of which are immediately noticed by patients arriving to our dental clinic.

At our clinic, routine tests and appropriate precautions are the prerequisites of any dental treatment, whether it’s a tooth extraction or a removal of a chipped tooth.

If despite all these, surgical interventions are made impossible by previous bad experiences of patients or because of a gag reflex, patients can choose to undergo dental treatment under anesthesia. Multiple dental and oral surgery treatments can be performed under anesthesia. In most cases, anesthesia lasts up to 3 hours, and it’s performed by an anesthesiologist. After the necessary tests, the anesthesiologist will intravenously inject sedatives and analgesics continuously during the surgical intervention. Upon completion of the surgical intervention, the injection of sedatives is suspended, thus, the patient will awake and can go home together with an accompanying person.

Our clinic pays special attention to the treatment of pain following a surgical intervention. Pain can occur because of improper oral hygiene, malnutrition, smoking, or as a result of the healing process of inflamed areas. In such cases, patients are received immediately to our clinic and offered topical treatment and oral hygiene advice.

Wisdom tooth removal

Before every wisdom tooth extraction, a thorough health screening and a precise panoramic x-ray is necessary. Given the location of these teeth, the extraction could affect sinuses or nerves. In such cases, the wisdom tooth extraction must be carried out very carefully, since it can cause lasting damage.

At our oral surgery clinic, wisdom tooth extractions are performed only by oral surgeons with multiple years of clinical experience and expertise, thus, in case of complications that arise during surgery (e.g. broken root, exposed sinus) patients are treated at our clinic and never sent to a hospital.

When choosing a clinic for a wisdom tooth extraction, it’s important to avoid clinics that use outdated technologies (e.g. chisel, mallet), because the healing process after a surgery performed with these tools can be longer and more painful.

Our clinic uses only modern equipment, and more complicated cases are handled with a sterilized, slow-speed bone drill used only for surgeries. Thus, wounds created during surgery heal faster and without pain.

This aspects should be considered not only when undergoing wisdom teeth removal surgery, but for the removal of any tooth.

Our dental clinic’s oral surgery is among the most sought-after clinics in Budapest thanks to our gentle and considerate dentists, who make sure that dental procedures are as pain-free as possible and healing times are short. Here at our dental clinic, we appreciate our patients’ trust, so if you have any dental problems you need fixed, feel free to call us for a consult or a price quote.